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At the Lake 14x11.jpg
A Tender Bond 14x17.jpeg

"A Tender Bond", ink, marker on paper 14x17"

Bubbles of the Imagination.jpg

Meet Jeramie James

Throughout my artistic journey I've had the privilege of showcasing my work in various exhibits. In 2008, my art took center stage at the Emerging Artists Exhibit hosted by the Downriver Council of the Arts, chosen amongst just 5 others marking a pivotal moment in my artistic career. In more recent times, I have participated in the 2019 Michigan Fine Arts Competition hosted by Cranbrook and the Birmingham-Bloomfield Center for the Arts, as well as the 2019 Canvas Pontiac, hosted by the Detroit Institute of Arts where only 25 submissions were selected.

Beyond formal exhibits, my art found its place in the raw and authentic atmosphere of shows at venues like The Rockery, The Trumbleplex, and The Modern Exchange. These unconventional settings allowed me to connect with diverse audiences, showcasing my pieces in spaces that resonated with the vibrant energy of the Detroit art scene.


My journey also led me into the realm of commercial art, where I lent my creativity to design video game box art for notable companies such as Exidy, Collectorvision, Intelligent Revolution, and Acclaim. Embracing traditional mediums like art markers and acrylic painting, I created visuals that captivated retro gamers and enthusiasts alike.

Amidst the world of exhibits and commercial ventures, my artistic repertoire extends to a more personal realm – wildlife and portraits. Employing traditional mediums, I've crafted heartfelt and lifelike depictions for numerous clients.

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